Take a perfectly cropped picture for Singapore NRIC and passports

Need to renew your Singapore NRIC or passport? Don't spend $7 at a photo booth or 7 hours with your digital camera and photo editing tools — just use this app to take a perfectly cropped picture that you can submit online to ICA.

Handy instruction screens

Very instructional!

More instruction screens!

With Real Singlish™!

Also on iPad!

If you don't mind looking silly holding up an iPad to take your picture, sure, go ahead. We won't judge you.

Need one for US passports?


  • Works on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch with camera
  • It's super easy! Just line yourself up with the guides to make sure you’re framed correctly
  • Take your own picture (for devices with front-facing cameras), or have someone else take it for you
  • A countdown timer to help you prepare for the shot
  • Take as many pictures as you want, to get that perfect shot for your NRIC/passport
  • Your photo is automatically cropped and resized for ICA's specifications for NRIC/passport photos (400 x 514px)
  • Email it to yourself, or save it to your Camera Roll, so you can finish your online application later
  • Free!
  • ith the guides, you won’t get a letter from ICA that telling you to "show more shoulder" in your photo. We’re not kidding, this actually happened to one of us
  • Did we mention it’s free?
  • Why are you still reading this, we’ve run out of features
  • What our users say

    "I have received my passport. Great work. Photo taken was fantastic. I have never had such nice photo on my passport previously.Thank you"

    ★★★★★ — Judithjy

    "Fantastic app that everyone should use. No need to spend a single cent for ugly passport photo at the self service booth or expensive shots at the studio. And save $10 applying online for passport. I pity those who are queuing at ICA to take their photos and applying for passport over the counter. If only there are volunteers standby to help them do it the electronic way."

    ★★★★★ — den123

    "i don't need this app (yet) but 5 stars for the description"

    ★★★★★ — reina

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